Noggins were created by an Occupational Therapist working in the field of Pediatrics. The selling of Noggins began as a small retail business in May of 2017. The idea came out of an observed trend that many children were positioning, grasping, and ultimately using scissors incorrectly. At first, the Noggins were magnets to be stuck onto scissor blades, and referred to as “Chompers”. After a series of transitions, and new designs, Noggins became the repositionable, butterflied stickers, seen today.

Nogginsland, Inc. now sells Noggins and other accessories, and delivers world class services and products. Children are welcome to Nogginsland, the beautiful world of Noggins, where your imagination runs free and becomes reality. Browse and enjoy our Noggins and accessories at the best possible prices. Our mission is to deliver high quality, safe, and affordable children’s educational products.


Nogginsland, Inc. consists of a team of consultants contributing at different levels to this company that are ready to serve and cater to you. Nogginsland, Inc. also issues safety instructions and a user’s manual to ensure the children are playing safely.



Nogginsland is a place where children’s imagination can run wild and be free. We provide the Noggins, small repositionable stickers in the image of various character faces. They are butterflied in their design, and can be attached to pencils, markers, scissors and even fingers. Noggins are a product meant to be used as an education tool in the development of fine and visual motor skills. They are highly play-centered, transforming a variety of skill development interventions into motivating and fun activities.

Who We Are:

Noggins are real, they live, and they are hardworking and fun loving. They enjoy life and love to help, work, and play. They have no bodies, but they don’t mind, since they have their friends, they have you. You can give them a body and put them to work, play a game with them, or just hang out and have fun.

What We Do:

Noggins are here to help, and they love to work and play. Noggins can show you how to pick things up, hold things, or use things. Make the pencil their body, and they will help you hold the pencil, they help you use scissors, if you put them on a pair. They can even help you pick up and hold things, if you let your fingers be their body.

Where We Live:

Noggins come from a world named Nogginsland. It’s a beautiful place with trees, farms, flowers, beautiful cities, big castles, blue skies, clear water, and the best playgrounds. Noggins love their home and love visitors, especially children like you. You can go there and see Nogginsland, play with the Noggins, and help them in their adventures. Give them a body, do an activity, and use your imagination, and you’ll be in Nogginsland.

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Company Information:

Corporate Information

Nogginsland, Inc.

30 East Hartsdale Ave 6L

Hartsdale, NY  10530


Manufacturer Information

Kent Manufacturing Company,
2200 Oak Industrial Drive NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Nogginsland, Inc. is a proud member of The Professional Association of Childhood Educators, Inc. (PACE) and The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA).

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