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Safety Information

Have Fun and Be Safe!

Please use Noggins responsibly!

  • Please do not eat the Noggins! Do not put them in your mouth! Never!
  • If putting Noggins on your fingers, please clean your hands before and after!
  • If you put them on your skin, please do not share them, and put them on another person’s skin. This could lead to the sharing of germs!
  • When Noggins are on a pair of scissors, they only “eat” or “bite” paper, clay, or other things like that. They do not like the taste of people or pets!


Please do not “bite” other living things!!!

  • For further information regarding safety data, 3rd party testing results, or compliance with CPSC or ASTM, please email us at info@nogginsland.com


Noggins are an educational product meant for children 3 years and older.

Noggins are designed to be used with a variety of tools and items. Nogginsland, Inc. holds no affiliation or contract with any of said tool or item brands, nor does Nogginsland, Inc. assume any responsibility for the performance of these tools or items.


Contact Info

For general inquiries, please email: info@nogginsland.com

For purchases, please email: sales@nogginsland.com

To just chat with Noggin, please email: noggin.getagrip@nogginsland.com

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