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What does Nogginsland mean?

Noggins are easily removed, repositioned, and reused. They are safe, soft, and strong. For Instance, simply stick them on your scissors, your pencil, or even your fingers, and bring Noggins to life! Check out the video to see Noggins in action.

What is Sensory Processing?
Serving Children and Parents in New York Mental Health

What makes Nogginsland different?

We pride ourselves on making a personal and lifelong connection with our Clients and being a resource, support, ally, and advocate for the children we serve as well as the parents, caregivers, and educators involved in their lives. We are a family of products and services designed, developed, offered, and operated by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist as supports, resources, and interventions focused on functional skill development of young children.

How does Nogginsland OT help?

Our treatments are custom tailored and evidence-based, built on research and implemented through play. We work to develop a variety of skills, ensuring the highest level of academic, functional, and social performance is achieved. We use formal evaluation and assessment tools, individualized treatment plans, evidence-based interventions, carryover “homework” and consultation, supportive multimedia resources, and ongoing reassessment and customization.

Visual-Motor Skills Development Benefits
Will Improving Gross Motor Coordination Benefit my Child

Are evaluations needed before therapy?

 Yes! Evaluations are what guide therapy. They are necessary to determine not only what areas are delayed, but also to what degree, and how the delays are impacting the Child’s life. Evaluations paint a whole picture of the Child and give insight into how the Child is globally functioning and what discrete skills and abilities, or lack thereof, are influencing and impacting them. Goals are created directly from the evaluation and focus therapy ensuring effective treatment.

Is a prescription for therapy needed?

 No, prescriptions are not needed is the Child is requiring assistance reaching developmental goals. This means that if therapy is required to help in the natural and expected development of skills and abilities, then no prescription is needed. However, in cases of “rehabilitation” after an accident injury, then yes, a prescription from the Child’s Pediatrician is required.

Mental Health Benefits
Serving Children and Parents in New York

Do you accept insurance?

Not at this time, however offering services through a private payment system liberates us and our clients from the restraints of the insurance companies and the government payors. Reimbursement for services through these payment systems are accompanied by strict limitations on frequency, duration, number of sessions, and treatment interventions, leading to limited if any success. Private pay allows us to give the child exactly what they need without limits.

What is your treatment technique?

We accomplish our goals through custom tailored, individualized treatment plans, utilizing evidence-based interventions and approaches with proven effectiveness. We do not waste time or give false hope by pushing magic, miracle cures, or voodoo therapy. Our approach is honest, and our treatments are tried and true. We see the whole child and build a personalized plan, giving what they need, no more or less. We use simple, creative, and effective interventions, the foundation of Occupational Therapy.

Sensory Processing Development Benefits (1)
Why Occupational Therapy for Visual- Motor Skills Development

Where does therapy take place?

Therapy occurs in your home, nursery, or preschool, or even at the park. This allows areas to be addressed in the child’s familiar environment and the context of where the skills will be used. This facilitates generalization of skills and abilities, ensuring success in various situations. Therapy occurs when you and your child need it most. We offer flexible scheduling, typically in the morning and afternoon, but also evenings and weekends as needed.

How do you come up with the videos?

 The videos are meant to be a supplement to the therapy or used as an educational resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers. The topics are carefully selected to address areas of concern most commonly seen in children. The techniques taught in these videos are thoughtfully designed to ensure a clear understanding, motivation, fun, and ultimately success!

Will Cognitive Skills Development Benefit my Child?

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