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BoBo’s Learning Adventure!

(Kids Learning & Educational Videos}

BoBo’s Learning Adventure Videos are a wild ride of fun and learning! They include different characters, adventures, mysteries, activities, songs, and interactive skits. BoBo is Nogginsland’s Superhero – he lives in the Superpower Tower on the outskirts of town. BoBo is up for any adventure always willing to help a friend in need! He loves to learn new super skills and share them with you. Come join BoBo in his adventures in Nogginsland where you’ll help his friends, make things right, and save the day! BoBo is anywhere help is needed and we hope you’ll join him! Together, you can both be super because two superheroes are better than one! With BoBo, you’ll learn important super skills, and get a chance to use them in an amazing adventure in Nogginsland! BoBo and his friends need you and Nogginsland needs you! Show us your super skills and be a hero today with BoBo’s kid’s educational videos. Everyone is sure to love them!

How to Use Scissors!

How to Do Jumping Jacks!

How to Clap and Snap! 

How to Grip and Grasp!

How to Tie Your Shoes!


How to Hold a Pencil!

The Science of Colors!

The Other Hand!

Music with Allegro!

(Kids Music Activity Videos}

Allegro the Musician lives in Nogginsland. He creates his magical music in his Serenade Studio in the heart of downtown Nogginsland. Allegro loves to sing and be creative with his renditions of popular favorites. We first met Allegro during a BoBo adventure in Nogginsland where we learned to Clap and Snap. Now Allegro opens his door to anyone who wants to come and jam together! Allegro loves to go against the grain of tradition and put his own flow and spin on the classics. There are no rules when it comes to rocking out and he encourages you to join in – be free, be fun, and flow how you want to flow! You are a musician if you want to be. Sing from your heart, not from your mind, never be embarrassed, and most importantly, if you ever forget the words, make them up as you go! Please enjoy all of Allegro’s super fun kids’ music videos, everyone is sure to love!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Wheels On The Bus


Farmer in the Dell

Coming Around the Mountain

Art with Delart

(Kids Art Activity Videos}

De’Lart is Nogginsland’s resident artist! He lives in his studio called the Avant Garden. De’Lart loves to create and is passionate about all things artsy and crafty. We first met him during an adventure Nogginsland with BoBo, where we learned how to use scissors. Now De’Lart offers classes throughout the year on a variety of art mediums and activities! De’Lart is known for being supportive and encouraging in the expression of art. He believes that practice might not make perfect, but the process of doing is the most beneficial part. De’Lart does not shy away from making a mess in the pursuit of a masterpiece! He is all about experimenting with shapes and colors and learning as you go! He himself is not perfect, but he tries his best and has fun, and that to him, is the most important thing! Enjoy all of Delarts super fun kids art activity videos everyone is sure to love.

How to Paint a Landscape!

How to Draw a Person!

How to Sculpt a Puppy!

The Origami Dragon


How to do Sponge Art!

How to do Collage Art!

Workouts with Sval 

( Kids Excercise and Workout Activity Videos}

Sval the Strongman is focused on exercise and fitness down in his Fit and Fun Gymnasium in Nogginsland. He is your personal trainer for all things health related. We met Sval in Nogginsland, while on a jumping jack adventure with BoBo. Sval is now available for a quick pop-in to learn and practice all types of fun and effective stretches and exercises. Sval is muscle-bound, but don’t be intimidated! He is a gentle giant not only here to challenge you but encourage and help you be the best you can be. Sval is all about getting in shape and being stronger but doing so safely and having as much fun as possible! He believes working out shouldn’t be work, exercise can be fun and effective, especially when we do it together! We can help and encourage one another with Sval’s super fun kids’ exercise and activity videos everyone is sure to love! 

Sval and a Fun Workout For Kids

Must Do Stretches For Kids

Kids Fun Exercise Tutorial!

Pushups with Sval


Situps with Sval

Leg Lifts with Sval

Lessons with Lasso

(Outdoor Kids Activity Videos}

Lasso the Cowboy, who lives on Finch on a Branch Ranch in rural Nogginsland is all about nature, farming, and doing cowboy type things. He enjoys the outdoors, sunshine, and his animals. We learned to tie a knot and our shoes with Lasso during a BoBo adventure down on the farm. Now Lasso invites y’all back to learn some skills and help on the ranch. Lasso might be a bit rough around the edges, but he is all heart. He loves to take care of the Earth and wildlife, especially his animals. Lasso gets a kick, a hoot, and a holler out of learning new and helpful skills together. His cowboy ranch is a mixture of fun and work, where you’ll learn and grow, but also laugh and play! C’mon down, get out into the sunshine, and smell that fresh air! Enjoy some super fun kids’ outdoor activity videos everyone is sure to love!

How to Cook Cowboy Trail Mix!

How to Plant!

How to Match Animal Footprints!

Sailing With Salty Seadog

(Kids Water Activity Videos}

Captain Salty Seadog is Nogginsland’s very own Pirate. His ship, the 7C is docked down at Pirate Patch Port on Nogginsland Lake. He can be a scallywag at times, but as his first mate, you’ll learn all types of seven seas skills. We learned how to hold a pencil when on a pirate adventure with BoBo. Now the captain is around to share his vast wisdom with you. Captain Salty Seadog is all knowing when it comes to the high seas! He and his ship mates have been around the world and acquired all the knowledge necessary to be the best pirate of the briny deep. Learn from him and you’ll no longer be a landlubber, but a true buccaneer. Captain Salty Seadog is a master of various pirate related skills to have you both swabbing the decks and finding that buried treasure in these super fun kids water activity videos everyone is sure to love.

The Saltwater Experiment!


How to Create a Compass!

How to Plank!

Riddles with Hawkshaw

(Kids Mystery Activity Videos}

Inspector Hawkshaw is a Detective from the New Noggin Yard Headquarters in the heart of Nogginsland. He is a staunch believer that with critical thinking and brain power, we can solve any problem. We joined Inspector Hawkshaw on a crimefighting mission in Nogginsland where we used our different Grips and Grasps. Now Inspector Hawkshaw calls on you to help solve mysteries! Inspector Hawkshaw from Noggin Yard Headquarters helps to solve crimes using
brainteasers, riddles, and using your noggin to puzzle them out! There are some doozies here to get your brain working double time! Enjoy these super fun kids’ mystery videos everyone is sure to love!

The Baseball Mystery!


Mixed Bag Mystery!

Bald Man Mystery!

Super Star Stories

Super Star Stories are entertaining, encouraging, and educational tales. They entertain through rhyming, sing song style. They encourage by gently identifying difficulties and guiding the Child toward alternative solutions, never criticizing, or condemning. They educate by teaching critical thinking and exploration of their struggles, and how to grow and develop skills on their own.

Super Star Story Picky!


Super Star Story HotHead!

Super Star Story GottaGo!

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