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Weather Work

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Weather Work

A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Self-Regulation

Weather Work is a simple program developed to teach young children self-awareness and management of their emotional and activity states. It is based on a “weather” theme and utilizes various pneumonic devices to increase understanding and improve memorization and implementation of techniques.

Although Weather Work is simple in its design, it is built on a foundation of Cognitive-Behavioral Approach and Self-Regulation.

A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach works to identify maladaptive thoughts, behaviors, and/or emotional responses, and substitute them with more adaptive or appropriate replacements.

Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and manage thoughts, emotions, energy states, and behaviors in appropriate and acceptable ways through self-awareness and effective coping skills.

Self-Regulation plays a significantly important role in attention and task performance and can be effectively achieved through imaginative play.

  • “Self-regulation is an effective and efficient means for increasing students' attention and academic productivity.” (Reid, 2005)
  • “It is important to encourage make-believe, appropriate play interventions for children who are deficient in self-regulatory skills.” (Berk, 2006)
  • “Self-regulation interventions are effective for children with ADHD.” (Reid, 2005)
  • “Imaginative play is pivotal in children's advancing mastery over their own thinking, emotions, and behavior.” (Berk, 2006)

Weather is familiar and relatable to children. It has built in visual cues and can easily be associated with different emotions and activity states. This program uses the idea of Windy, Cloudy, and Clear.

Windy refers to feeling overactive, hyper, and distracted as if the wind is rushing around and pushing the child chaotically. Cloudy refers to feeling slow, down, and foggy as if being surrounded and weighted down by a cloudy day. Clear is when a child is alert, attentive, and ready to learn.

As stated, the presentation of these ideas is rich in pneumonic devices such as rhyming and acronyms. This is thoughtfully designed to allow for a more playful and child-friendly program, while also increasing memorability and usability.

The process is simple and straightforward. “Self-Assessment” begins with the initial poem, asking the child what their weather is today.

How’s the weather with you today? Is it clear? Are you ready to play?

Or is the wind lifting you off the ground, and you cannot stop being blown around?

Or does it seem a little cloudy and hazy, and you feel a bit slow-going and lazy?

It’s time to work and play together, but only when there’s nice, clear weather!

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