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Why Shop Noggins?

When you shop Noggins you can help your child turn turn objects into creatures and bring the boring to life!

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When Noggins are attached to pencils, markers, or crayons, they turn those objects into creatures, with the tip of the writing utensil becoming the nose. This allows the child to pretend the Noggin is smelling flowers or sniffing through a maze, rather than merely tracing or drawing. The Noggin also acts a pencil grip, cueing correct finger position on the writing utensils.

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When Noggins are placed on scissors, they act as a visual cue, guiding the child to orient them correctly. They turn the scissors into a creature, with the bottom blade becoming the lower jaw. This enables the Noggin to “bite” and “chew” paper, showing the concept and technique of scissor use in a fun and playful way.

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When Noggins are attached to fingers, they transform the hand into a creature. This allows practice and development of a variety of grasps in a fun and playful way. Children are able to pinch and squeeze playdough and small objects, imagining that the creature is eating, while their own pincer grasp and lateral pinch develops.

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Build Fine Motor Skills

Developing these skills sets the stage for success in school and at home.

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Inspire Imagination & Play

Children need to have fun. They must be engaged and motivated.

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Parent & Teacher Approved

Built heavily on research, vigorously tested, and proven effective.

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Kids Love Their Noggins!

Children are engaged by imaginative play while they learn and grow.

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What Parents and Teachers are Saying about Nogginsland

Here are what a few of our happy parents and teachers have to say about Noggins.

“I work with students with autism, and those with developmental disabilities. Using Noggins with my students have increased their attention and motivation during therapy activities. I’ve used them to develop play and imagination skills.”

Amanda L

“I work in a school and have had some trouble motivating students to maintain an efficient grasp pattern while writing. These stickers provide a fun way to remind my kids where to place their fingers and help to keep their attention while working on skills!”

Gillian W

“Just one day using your cute little grip and he is improving by leaps and bounds! What a great idea and such a thoughtful product! Every elementary teacher should have these grips on stand by for students who struggle with handwriting and cutting!!!”

Sally D
3rd Grade Teacher

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